Booklist Review

My publicist alerted me to a new review out from Booklist (warning: subscription required). It's the trade magazine for the American Library Association, and so particularly important for getting a book ordered and recommended by librarians. Fortunately, the review is great!

Did Shakespeare write all of his plays? Who are the dark lady and the beautiful young man of Shakespeare’s sonnets? Was there a threesome involved? Is Hamlet mad or just pretending? This witty, erudite, and decidedly sexy novel stands all of the usual questions about Shakespeare on end. Horatio, a scholar, catches the eye of the beautiful and flamboyant Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. At the same time, Horatio also becomes involved with his patroness, the dark Lady Adriane. When she hires him to write poems about his love for Hamlet, it sets a chain of surprising events in motion. Combining famous lines of dialogue and plot from several plays, Hermes manages to create both a moving story that stands on its own, and a giant in-joke for Shakespeare lovers. At times, the Shakespeare references threaten to overshadow and bog down the story being told, but in the end, the characters she’s created are strong enough to carry the novel.
— Marta Segal Block

There's some other big publicity news in the works, but for the moment, I should keep it under my hat--don't want to jinx anything before it's all confirmed. And of course, I'm getting ready for my Powell's reading and book launch after-party at the Benson Hotel on February 11th. I'll be posting more about it soon, so watch this space for details.